Portfolio Analysis
Whether you just acquired the unit, merged with another company or just want to make sure you are current with industry trends, we can help...
  • New Unit
    You just acquired this unit. It is likely that there has not been a portfolio review in the last four years. It is likely that different areas of the corporation have negotiated their own contracts. It is likely that nobody has a handle on where all the contracts are and you want to develop an accurate view of your portfolio.

  • You Have Just Merged With Another Company
    Everyone tells you this is a great opportunity but you don't have the time or the staff to dig in and see what it is that you have inherited. Our proven methods consolidate your contracts and set-up clear direction on portfolio management for the long term.

  • You Want to Make Sure You Are Current With Industry Trends
    You have a team but desire an outside perspective to review contracts for terms and best practices that may not be in your current software portfolio. We will analyze items such as economies of scale, corporate protection and long term benefits as well as maintenance and upgrade terms to ensure you are current or ahead of your peers in the industry.
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