Bottom line savings, competitive advantage and acquisitions improve significantly when contract negotiations are strategic, benefit the corporation, and are designed to live past the life cycle of the negotiation process.

Reiner Associates is available to assist you with your hardware, software and services acquisitions from initial strategic planning through contract negotiations and final contract execution. We bring our combined years of hands-on experience and unique perspective to your organization and work with you to ensure your success.

We are known for our leading edge approach to planning, negotiation and contract execution. Our expert consultants will guide you through the steps it takes to ensure your success. Our in-depth knowledge combined with our varied technical, legal and business backgrounds provide you with a unique advantage, especially in the areas of application software, DASD/storage analysis, Web hosting, ASP and E-commerce agreements.

We can help you in almost every aspect of the organization from day to day support to specific and challenging projects. While every deal has its own unique needs because of each organization's business requirements we work with you as a team or individually if that is most appropriate for your organization or corporate style. Whatever your needs, Reiner Associates can assist in you in reaching your business goals.
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