E-Business Negotiation
Our location in the San Francisco Bay area has allowed us
unprecedented access to new technology and revolutionary
companies. We are proud to say that Reiner Associates
has developed significant expertise.
  • Hosting Agreements
    There are many parallels between outsourcing agreements and e-commerce agreements. The specifications are critical, the service levels mandatory, third party involvement complicated and termination relocation terms crucial. Having management experience in operations comes in handy. We can help!

  • ASP Contracts
    This is one of Reiner Associates' recognized areas of strength. With our combined years of technical and business experience, our applications negotiations expertise and our pulse on the changes in this rapidly expanding arena we are uniquely qualified to work with your team. We will help determine your strategic position, asses pressure points and work to provide you with a comprehensive agreement which will survive the lifecycle of the negotiations and suit you well in case you need an exit strategy.

  • B2B
    Sourcing and consortium buying is an area of significant cost savings but the initial capital outlay and manpower required to achieve success can be daunting. We have the expertise to guide you through this complex acquisition cycle and provide the guidance, feedback and tactical know how required to complete this complex acquisition.
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