Aquisition Consulting
Reiner Associates provides consulting services to meet your current business needs. We work with you to determine your most critical issues:

Your goals are important to us and we listen, then we find the quickest and easiest method to achieve those goals. Our approach is to build long-term relationships with our clients allowing us to learn about their culture and methodologies. We work independently or as part of your team to implement your business plans.
  • Strategy Conferences
    It often happens that you know what you want but need someone to provide the expertise and develop the negotiation strategy for a particularly difficult situation. We can work with you or pull your team together and conduct the strategy/coaching session at your site.

  • Merger/Acquisition Contract Assessment
    When in this position, the organization is often in a stage of flux. While counsel reviews your contracts for liabilities and transferability, they rarely have time to renegotiate those documents. We will team with you to review your options and leverage duplicate products and prior assets saving millions usually left on the table. We protect the new organization and bring significant savings to your bottom line.

  • Setting up an IT Acquisitions Management Unit
    As they say, "Until you have actually made it happen, it's just an idea". We have proven experience setting-up and running a centralized IT Acquisitions Unit and are happy to share the "do's and don'ts" of the process with you. We will work with you to determine how best to manage the workflow, set up centralized IT Asset and Contract Management and get the buy in of upper management and your business partners.
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