Coaching the Team
There are many opportunities for improvement. We work with you to determine the skills and process you would like to see improve. We will apply our many years of project and technology management to help you develop a unit with shared goals, quality output, faster response times and better relations with business and technology partners.
  • New Unit
    You are new to the unit or the company. Often there are people from many parts of the corporation who make up the new unit. We can help develop goals and create a mission for the new unit. We have the expertise and the skills to build a sustainable team.

  • Training
    How to organize the negotiation? How to move past impasses? How to deal with difficult vendors? How to deal with difficult users? We can tailor a seminar or one-day workshop just for you.

  • Career Management
    Put a spark into your team and into your career. Not just motivation but specific ways that you can enhance your career while improving the bottom line and getting recognition from your peers and senior management.
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