Business Alliances
We said it before but it bears repeating, Reiner Associates has
a policy of not accepting finder's fees or commissions from
suppliers. If you need assistance in areas related to
Technology Acquisitions, we can help.
  • IT Asset Management
    We can help you with your hardware and software asset processes and develop RFPs as part of our consulting services and setting up an IT Acquisition Unit. When done, we can link you with companies whose services you can use to maintain you asset database.

  • Sourcing
    Based on your size and needs we can help you find the right companies to work with you on streamlining your sourcing as well as managing your acquisitions on-line.

  • Source Code Escrow
    If you do not have source code delivered with your software and decide that you want to engage an escrow service, we can negotiate the deal for you or point you to the organizations that offer that service.
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