"Ditka Reiner is a high-performing consultant with an outstanding network of professional associates that she relies on even as they rely on her. Ditka brings all of her experience and contacts to every engagement and pulls out all the stops to deliver incredible value. She combines integrity with ingenuity, energy with enthusiasm, and performance with personal commitment. As an executive facing the stress and pressures of delivering on short time lines, I appreciate Ditka's ability to focus on the most important issues at hand, prioritizing and triaging so that we get the most possible done with our limited resources. Don't hesitate to make Reiner Associates a part of your team."
      Jeff Belkora
On Your Mind, Inc.
100 View Street, Suite 102
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 967-3261 x224
My company engaged Ditka Reiner of Reiner Associates to negotiate an enterprise problem management software acquisition. I was immediately impressed by Ditka's superb people management skills, evidenced by her ability to put both my senior management and the software vendor at ease. She quickly grasped the deal's components and key issues and got to work with the vendor's reps and attorneys. Her suggestions on strategies and tactics to employ were right on target. She consummated the deal at a discount level better than we expected, and handled all the paperwork expertly. Dealing with Ditka was a pleasure.
      Bill Smith
Senior Asset Management Coordinator
Sallie Mae Servicing Corporation
(703) 810-6998
"Negotiating IT contracts is a tricky business. If you don't know the ins and outs of this process you can leave money and services on the table. Ditka was very knowledgeable about all of the nuances in negotiating IT contracts. She keeps a good perspective on balance, i.e. give and take, without locking the customer or vendor into unreasonable terms. Her broad perspective on the information technology industry adds to her value in a negotiating partnership."
Lorena Weaver
VP ReliaStar Life Insurance Co.
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 342-7508
It is very difficult to find people to provide the specialized services of Reiner Associates and at the high level that Ditka Reiner and her team do it. It is great to be able to send Ditka and her associates to a business unit owner because they speak the same language; it takes them virtually no time to get up to speed on any given IT project.

In her work at Alliant energy Ditka Reiner has worked to ensure agreement from the suppliers on issues that are important to us as well as our internal clients and she gets the job done with seamless interface to the appropriate users. It is a pleasure working with her team.
Mitch Vogel
Mgr. Alliant Energy Services Corporation
Alliant Energcy Corporation
222 West Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 192 Madison, WI 53701-0192
(608) 252-5095
If you need assistance with an IT contract of any sort, Reiner Associates is the place to go. We were represented in our negotiations by Ms. Reiner. She is incredibly well versed in setting up comprehensive agreements that ensure the client receives the services they need and is protected against any form of breach that could significantly impact their business.

I was very confident in Reiner Associates' ability to make sure our vendors provided us with the necessary level of service and capabilities without unnecessarily delaying negotiations and completion of the agreements. I highly recommend their services and plan to engage them again as we go forward.
Jill Rubin
VP Marketing
CapSpring.com, Inc.
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