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The mission of Reiner Associates is to provide consulting services that enhance an organization’s competitive advantage and bottom line savings through expert IT and third party services contract negotiation, and software portfolio analysis. While contract negotiations can often be adversarial, we do not operate in that fashion. Our goal is to create documents that protect the organization and live past the life cycle of the negotiations.
Ditka Wins Honors
Ditka Wins HonorDitka Reiner was nominated for Guru of the Year at the First Annual Guru Awards held this summer in San Francisco. "I was surprised and thrilled to be nominated. Guru is a smart and classy operation and the awards event was first class." To see where Ditka is speaking/teaching this year click here, to view presentations click here.
In The News
David in the NewsA good Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a work of art and just like a work of art it takes time, a certain skill, and a passion to craft good ones. SLAs have become an expected part of the IT landscape yet the majority of the ones I see are poorly written and often inadequate to protect the interests of both the client and the provider. The results are disappointed clients, frustrated providers and at their worst, disputes and lawsuits waiting to happen. Download the entire article by clicking here.
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